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How to develop your own values driven organization?

The 4-day Integrated Cultural Transformation Tools(ICTT) training combines the 2-day CTT part 1 (Models & Tools) and the 3-day Part 2 (building a Vision-guided, Values-driven Organization) courses providing coaches, consultants and change agents with everything they need to,
firstly, become accredited with this powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools
and secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches that will enable them to fully integrate these tools into their client proposition.

Overview of the program:

Day 1: Working with Values/Leading Self – 7 levels of consciousness
Day 2: LeadingSelf/Creating Common Ground – your IVA

Self awareness, from individual to team​

Day 3: Creating common ground / Transformational Journey

Working with TVA & CVA &LVA

Day 4: Putting it all together

Building a values driven organisation

Upon completion of the course, you will receive one free Individual Values Assessment(IVA) to use with a colleague or client. You also will be given a Free Small group Assessment(SGA)to be used with any group of 15 or fewer people or a Leadership Development Report(LDR) a 360. These are great opportunities to introduce CTT to a client or within your own organisation. The Assessment process will also help you solidify your learning from the course through practical application.